What Happened to the RSVP?

Ok, I know it isn’t a black tie gala or anything but The Boy’s birthday party is this weekend and less than half the kids he invited have RSVP’d. Don’t parents realize how difficult this makes it to plan food, activities, and goodie bags? Only parents that I know personally got back to us. It’s frustrating. Does no RSVP mean they aren’t coming? If only they were that simple.

Oh, and when their kid shows up you can’t just be like, “Oh sorry Little Johnny, you don’t get a candy bag like the other kids because your momĀ is a dumbass and didn’t let me know you would be here.

I was talking to another friend of mine having a party this weekend and she hasn’t heard from anyone! Does that mean not one kid is showing up? For her daughter’s sake, I sure hope not.

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